Your age and personal experience are not arguments. I could just as easily say “Chomsky is 90, has more international experience than you and agrees with me so checkmate”. You are the one who demanded “facts, not opinions” while offering mere anecdote yourself. I certainly could interview a victim of the Nicaraguan contras, the US supported junta in El Salvador, even the family of a Yemeni child blown to bits by an American made bomb. Instead I provided a Pew Research poll that offers a damning perspective of the US on a global stage.

I am not ‘parroting’ liberal professors. My formal education is business and philosophy and was strictly apolitical. If anything, I went to a relatively conservative school. The president was a former Republican member of the House.

Are you so sure most people just want government out of their lives? Medicare for All polls at something like 65%. Medicare and social security as they exist now are politically untouchable. We all live in bubbles to some degree and you are not exempt.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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