In my mind, that’s not much different than accusing a library of acting as a gateway to religion by selling copies of the Bible or Quran.

Yes, this may be very different to your mind but I am talking about what happens in reality. In my perfect world, Joe Rogan could have on whomever he wants and his audience would do their research and come to rational conclusions about the arguments presented. But that’s fantasy.

The reality is the a large majority of Rogan’s audience are young guys who are already predisposed to anti-feminist, anti-SJW type rhetoric, and his audience has a huge overlap with the alt-right online. So what happens when they click on a JRE vid is 1. some of those ideas get reinforced without much pushback from Joe and 2. alt-right videos start popping up in their recommended list. So eventually they click on a few of those and they start down that whole side of YouTube, which is absolutely massive. That is the definition of a rabbit hole. I don’t think you can seriously deny this. There is actually research on this. There was a study published a few months ago that showed almost exactly this trend (although the study had a few problems, the central point stood).

Now I agree with you that, ideally, Rogan SHOULD just be able to function as a “library” to be accessed by curious minds. But that’s utopian. That’s not what actually happens in the real world. I’m more concerned with what’s actually happening than what I wish were the case.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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