Can’t you read plain English? Words mean what they say! The wording is:

“A government plan for all instead of private insurance?”

That does NOT mean a single-payer system. It means “a government plan for all instead of private insurance.”

What on Earth are you on about?? A government plan for all instead of private insurance is THE DEFINITION of single-payer healthcare. I.e, the government is the payer INSTEAD OF private insurance.

No citation, therefore no credence awarded. Moreover, publicly funded colleges have been around since the Morrill Act of 1862. Mr. Sanders’ proposal is not at all new or original. My education was at publicly funded colleges.

The citation I provided previously includes public college polls in some of the states. Also, it’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest Sanders’ proposal is “not at all new or original”. Sanders is proposing free tuition to all public universities. That does NOT exist right now.

The article you cite makes this clear with its data on awareness of the Green New Deal; the majority of Democrats have heard only a little about the GND.

Due in no small part to the failure of mainstream corporate media to cover these proposals in detail. And yet, despite this failure, the best data we have suggests that Democratic voters support the GND. To posit the negative is pure speculation.

For the life of my I cannot understand the motivation behind the extreme mental gymnastics you undertake in your anti-Sanders crusades.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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