To begin with, please don’t conflate Democrats and the left. Those are very, very different things.

Anti-war: Nearly every anti-war movement in US history has been primarily left-wing, including opposition to Vietnam, Korea, Iraq Wars I and II, Afghanistan, etc. Yes, libertarians and paleo-cons are also anti-war, but the bulk of the organization was done by left groups. The vast majority of literature on anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism is also from left-wing sources. To attack someone “from the right” on foreign policy is to attack them for being insufficiently hawkish. I don’t think this is controversial.

Anti-neoloberalism: Neoliberalism is the globally dominant ideology of austerity, deregulation and liberal capitalism. These are all things the left opposes vehemently.

Pro-worker: The left has always fought for workers against the interests of capital. 8 hour days, unions, job safety regulations, minimum wage, etc. are all products of left-wing struggle. Immigrants to the US are also primarily workers, and the left fights for their rights as well. Comprehensive research has actually found that decreased financial well-being relative to peers in the past decade actually had a slightly negative correlation with support for Trump. Rather, Trump voters were found to have been primarily motivated by racial animus. It is likely that the bi-partisan attack on workers may have contributed to Trump’s election, but the blame is not squarely on their shoulders.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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