You don’t seem to understand the YouTube algorithm. The algorithm determines which videos to recommend with its “Ranking Filter.” This means that it takes into consideration factors such as higher watch time, clickthrough rate, and freshness to know which videos to promote.

This does happen, but you will also receive recommendations based on what other people who watch the same videos as you are watching. The ranking filter will prioritize these, but that is part of how recommendations are made. That’s why a network develops.

I gave you several examples of how far-left ideology has had real impact before. You see as much racism, if not more, from far-leftist SJWs. You talk about people ‘espousing’ immigrant persecution, yet leftists actually DO persecute certain groups.

I am talking about YouTube specifically. There is no equivalent ‘SJW’ community promoting violence or censorship to the right-wing sphere festering on YouTube.

Every white male is a racist and a bigot. Trump supporters are all nazis, especially the old ones. In addition, insulting and shaming men, especially white, is commonly accepted and even encouraged since, apparently, we’re all part of the patriarchy and it serves us right to be abused.

Here, you’re referring to a nominally ‘left’ group of people who mostly exist on Twitter. No serious Leftist affiliates with with people who legitimately think men or white people are inherently ‘bad’. That’s fake Twitter bourgeois leftism. That’s also different from legitimate critiques of how power is distributed and reproduced along racial, class, and gender lines.

Even granting that this group of people exists, that’s a far cry from the racism of the alt-right. Neo fascists literally want the US to be a white ethnostate. Their goal is an ethnic cleansing that requires violence on a massive scale. They literally believe that black people have lower iQs than white people and that immigrants are a scourge. They are very aware of what they are doing online and have explicitly stated that ‘free speech’ is only a means to an end for them. Watch Richard Spencer talk about free speech; he just says it straight up. Meme culture, irony, ‘free speech’ advocacy, jokes, and ‘useful idiots’ like Rogan are all tools for them to seep into the culture.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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