Rogan has had some left-wingers on, but the majority of his guests (and most popular content) are Shapiro, Peterson, Jones, etc.

Most people don’t take him seriously though. You only need to search one of his infamous quotes like “I hate water that turns people gay” to see that he’s a living meme. Also, when he was a guest on the JRE people’s reactions to that was to say that they had a great time watching the episode just for its sheer ridiculousness.

Yeah, Jones is a meme. But platforming him helps normalize him, his behavior and his views. It casts him in a sympathetic light. This is a common tactic of the alt-right, as you well know. Present something ironically as a meme until it seeps into the culture and becomes more accepted. Yeah, sure, “everything is on the internet”, but having Jones on his show multiple times gives Jones a much broader audience and exposure. Surely you understand this.

With regard to Jordan Peterson, yes I know he’s not “alt-right”. But he is highly reactionary and frequently makes poor (and harmful) arguments that will simply go unopposed by someone like Rogan. Rogan is just not equipped to challenge Peterson intelligently. Listening to Peterson talk about Marxism for 5 minutes is enough to let any educated person know that Peterson knows virtually nothing about Marx, but Rogan gives him a platform where he can spout off whatever he wants because Rogan doesn’t know Marx either. Peterson also expresses views sympathetic to ‘red pill’ ideology, especially with regard to gender relations. Whether or not you agree with what he says, there’s no question that’s a gateway to the alt-right rabbit hole.

The solution is not to ‘silence’ guys like Peterson et al. I never suggested that. I’m criticizing Rogan for platforming them irresponsibly and uncritically.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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