I have difficulty retaining my patience with deliberately idiotic commentary. You are claiming that Mr. Summers is Mr. Biden’s only economic advisor; I have been claiming that Mr. Summers is one of multiple economic advisors.

Once AGAIN you are either misunderstanding or deliberately misstating what I said. NOWHERE did I EVER SAY that Summers is Biden’s only economic advisor. For the (third?) time, I said Summers’ selection does not constitute a DIVERSIFICATION OF OPINION with respect to Biden or his other advisors.

Biden has some part-time progressive economic advisers, which the campaign has not been shy about advertising. They include Jared Bernstein, Biden’s chief economic adviser when he was vice president; Heather Boushey, head of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth; and Richard Cordray, former head of the Warren-sponsored Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

All of these examples are orthodox economists in the same vein as Summers. All of them are Keynesian or neo-Keynesian, and many have worked for Clinton or Biden himself in the past. That is not a “wide range of opinion”. The CLOSEST thing I could find to a diversity of opinion is one line from Jared Bernstein’s wikipedia:

In 2018, Bernstein opened a public dialogue with the proponents of the heterodox branch of economics of Modern Monetary Theory,[9] to which Bill Mitchell, a proponent of MMT, was the first to engage.

That’s the extent of it.

If you are going to respond, please READ CAREFULLY and respond LOGICALLY and WITHOUT MISREPRESENTATION. Unless of course your intention is to troll, which it so often seems to be.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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