Any reasonable person is opposed to alt-right beliefs, including myself. What I’m seeing is that people often use alt-right fearmongering to justify proliferating their own political views and silencing the opposition.

Okay, let’s focus on just this point then. I have never argued that we ought to ‘silence’ someone like Peterson or Jones. I’m pointing to a very specific link between their exposure on the JRE and subsequent funneling of the audience into alt-right circles. This is objectively true and YouTube also bears responsibility for their own algorithms. There’s no left-wing equivalent of this, especially not on YouTube. You can watch one JRE JP episode and then you’ll see a “feminist rekt” compilation in your recommended. A couple of those later you’ll start getting suggestions for videos about how white people have higher iQs and Muslims are reproducing faster than the West. This is a real and dangerous phenomenon that is having deadly real-world consequences.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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