You do actually support YouTube actively preventing their algorithm from promoting that type of content. What you’re proposing is literally the definition of censorship.

No, I’m saying YouTube’s algorithm creates insulted radical networks. The biggest and most influential of these on YouTube are alt-right/white nationalist communities, and clicking on a JRE vid will get videos in that network into your recommended box. That’s the gateway. You don’t have to be “down the rabbit hole” already to get those video recommendations. That’s also not censorship. I’m saying YouTube should construct it’s algorithms in a way that does not create these networks.

the YT algorithm shows you more and more content that you already subscribe to

No, it recommends videos viewed by OTHER people who have watched the same recent videos as you. This is how the ‘gateway’ happens. It will show you videos you are not already subscribed to.

Also, if YT actually did take the measures you propose, they would also have to apply that to Muslim speakers, far-left anarchists, and many other groups that you probably have more sympathy towards.

If there’s some similar process going on with ISIS propaganda on YouTube, then yeah, it should be applied there too. In fact, the changes I’m recommending would apply to the entire platform. Are there examples of “far-left anarchists” on YouTube espousing mass persecution of immigrants, racial hierarchy based on iQ pseudoscience, and an ethnostate that could only be achieved via mass violence? I haven’t seen that. I don’t even see Leftists on YouTube calling for censorship of political opponents, especially not by the State. You are creating a false equivalence where none exists.

I mentioned that JP doesn’t identify as right-wing and Rogan’s progressivism to point out that they don’t market themselves as sympathetic to the alt-right. What the YT algorithm does is not their fault nor concern.

Yes it is Rogan’s concern what happens to his audience. Honestly I think (hope) he’s just not aware of what’s going on and would stop it if he did. I’ve seen him mention how blown away he is by how racist and sexist his fan base is when he reads the comments. There’s a reason this is happening, even if Rogan doesn’t fully understand it. He has a massive platform which has real-world effects. We don’t live in a bubble where ‘discussing ideas’ and real-world events are causally unrelated. He has a responsibility to look at what is happening with his audience and adjust accordingly.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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