Only to the grossly ignorant. You refuse to read the man’s books because you disagree with his politics. That reveals how narrow your education is. I disagree with some of the man’s ideas, too, but I have learned a great deal by reading his many books. You don’t learn anything by reading what you already know. And, from your commentary, I doubt that you’ve read many of the books on my list.

My senior thesis was a comparative analysis on the efficacy a foreign policy based on the principles laid out in Kant’s Toward Perpetual Peace versus ‘Realpolitik’, so rest assured Kissinger featured heavily in my research. Plato’s dialogues are familiar to any philosophy student (although Aristotle would have been more apt, since you also mention Madison). Tocqueville is a staple of American Studies courses and Burke features multiple times in Modern Philosophy and Modern Political History. I’m not interested in a dick-measuring contest about how many books we’ve read because it’s totally irrelevant to the initial point I made.

You maintain that centrist positions don’t get votes, and that extremist positions do get votes. You appear to have forgotten what a bell curve is. A bell curve is highest in the CENTER (get it: ‘centrist’?) and is lowest at the EXTREMA (get it: ‘extremist’?). The center always has more votes than the extremes.

Your entire analysis here is flawed. First, we can imagine any number of variables for the bell curve that may affect voting patterns. Let’s say populist vs. elitist, authoritarian vs. libertarian, etc. We can even combine multiple spectra to create a 2-dimensional grid. Or add another for a 3-d cube. If electability were as simple as finding the ‘middle’ of the left-right bell curve, why isn’t Jeb Bush president? Why isn’t Howard Schultz or Amy Klobuchar the Democratic front runner? How on earth is Bernie polling 3rd in the Democratic primaries?

If you want to go issue by issue, Bernie Sanders’ policy menu is far more popular than Biden’s. But Biden has the advantage of being associated with the Obama admin. Warren has the media at her back. Both are ‘perceived’ as more electable by the population polled by democratic primary polling companies (i.e, former democratic primary voting demographics). It’s not a matter of finding the middle of “left versus right”. There are a million confounding factors.

The ‘fact’ of the matter is that Warren and Biden’s method of ‘compromise’ has been tried, and failed miserably. It will fail miserably again if we are stupid enough to elect someone who will try it again.

Bernie is already polling neck and neck or slightly ahead of Warren versus Trump in the general election, and Bernie’s entire strategy is targeted at voters who do not show up in the polling population as formerly ‘likely voters’. The energy from that ‘hidden’ population is the sort that is demonstrated in individual donor numbers and rally sizes.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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