You refer to Marx as if he understood capitalism, which is a fatal flaw. We could chalk this up to a difference of opinion, but my opinion is based in the observation of and study of history in general and socialism and communism in particular. These systems always fail. On paper they look great, but they do not take human nature into account.

Marx wrote 3 (utterly tedious) volumes on the form and content of capitalism, building on the work of Adam Smith, David Ricardo and other classical economists. He wrote histories on the origins of capitalism. To assert that Marx did not “take human nature into account” is absurd on its face. Marx was a philosopher and political economist who was well versed in the history of thought concerning ‘human nature’. How much Marx have you read? Maybe we could have a reasonable disagreement about the labor theory of value, commodity fetishism, socially necessary labor etc, but you are not pointing to anything specific in Marx’s theory. You’re just repeating the “looks great on paper, doesn’t work in reality” line. I’m not even sure if I’m a ‘Marxist’ per se, but you certainly aren’t mounting a substantive critique of him.

Answer me this question: do you contend that, under a capitalistic economy, all workers are forced to work for somebody else?

Unless you have capital of your own, then yes, you are forced work for someone else in order to survive. The worker must sell his labor.

since your stated vision is anarcho-communism or libertarian-socialism (both of which are self-contradictory), why don’t you align yourself with any number of existing countries with similar approaches?

Libertarianism/anarchism has always been a socialist political philosophy. Right-wing libertarianism is a recent and specifically American (and Austrian, I suppose) deviation of the term. Hayek/Mises/Rothbard are totally antithetical to the libertarian tradition.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘align’ myself. I support Rojava and semi-libertarian communities in Bolivia etc, but I live in the US.

If you really are American, and currently enjoy the fruits of freedom and liberty, why do you seek to destroy it? Don’t you understand that you will be one of the first casualties? Intellectuals, no matter how deep or shallow, are enemies of the societies you seek.

What ‘liberties’ am I seeking to ‘destroy’? The communes of revolutionary Catalonia were extremely successful for several years and did not rely on the capitalist mode of production. I regard this period as one of the truest expressions of human freedom. You are accusing me of being a Stalinist or Maoist, neither of which I accept.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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