I like your stuff and agree with most of what you say here. But you’ve got to internalize Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) because that’s the ‘real’ answer to the “how do you pay for it?” question. The featured story on my page is my own exposition of MMT but you can find hundreds of sources online.

The main insights are:

1) The US government is the sole and sovereign issued of the US dollar.

2) Federal spending is logically prior to tax payment (how can you pay taxes before the dollars are issued?)

3) Taxes do not fund federal spending (they can’t- since spending comes first). Taxes effectively ‘destroy’ dollars. The purpose of taxes is to curb inflation and generate demand for the currency.

MMT is really crucial to understand because it completely destroys the “how do you pay for it” argument. AOC is the only elected official I’m aware of that’s MMT savvy.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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