Is ensuring the well-being of our families a good thing? You bet it is. Ensuring the well-being off our communities? Awesome goal. Ensuring the well-being of our race? That’s a great goal, but if you’re white and want to do that then you’re automatically a white supremacist and you’re a threat to everybody.

I’m trying to understand what you mean by “the well-being of our race”. Because it seems to me you are suggesting it will be a tragedy if the US stops being majority white. Especially when you say:

the alt-righters bring up a quantifiable point about white demographics

You’re expressing concern about ‘white replacement’, which is a huge alt-right trope. Who the fuck cares if the US becomes ‘majority-minority’? Now if you were to talk about something like the opioid crisis, which primarily affects poor whites, then yeah that’s a legitimate thing to have concern for. But you’re talking about demographic shifts being a major “concern”.

It’s called objective thinking.

I see this mistake so often, especially online. I think it started way back during the New Atheist days of YouTube (back when Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins, etc were big). I was a big part of that community too. It got worse after GamerGate and the development of the ‘skeptosphere’. People thinking they are ‘rational’ and ‘objective’ without realizing they are just as subject to ideology as any SJW.

You have to stop and wonder whose thinking is really warped here. The fact that you can’t take an idea by itself without attributing it to another group that holds the same idea really leaves much to be desired in terms of your critical thinking skills. Humans have been looking out for the well-being of their peoples since the dawn of civilization. The alt-right didn’t invent this sentiment, it’s basic human nature.

You are talking about defending a majority race against “replacement” by minorities. You say:

Humans have been looking out for the well-being of their peoples since the dawn of civilization.

Yeah, humans have a natural tendency to support members of the ‘in-group’ and reject members of the ‘out-group’. This frequently manifests as racism. Thank you for supporting my point. Whether it’s part of “basic human nature” is totally irrelevant to whether it’s moral. Racism doesn’t become a good thing just because it’s natural. It would be bad even if the alt-right weren’t racist. This is from like logic 101.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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