I wonder if you noticed that Elizabeth Warren, supposedly a champion of MFA, has basically abandoned it.

I wonder if you have noticed that from the beginning of the campaign Warren has been a neoliberal shill with a progressive sheen. This is no less than anyone paying attention expected.

Having failed to explain how it could possibly be paid for

It’s paid for the same way all government spending is ‘paid for’. The Treasury directs the Fed to debit its reserve account and credit the relevant reserve accounts of private banks. I actually don’t know why Bernie Sanders is advocating a payroll tax increase. That’s a pretty terrible idea. M4A probably requires a tax cut, if anything. Eliminating the entire private insurance industry destroys a huge amount of private spending and income which is a deflationary event. A tax cut is called for, at least in the short-run.

MFA is, in fact, a perfect storm of economic idiocy

And yet every other developed nation delivers higher quality healthcare outcomes than our own system with some sort of single payer or nationalized healthcare. Somehow ‘economic idiocy’ delivers better outcomes than your simplistic econ 101 understanding of ‘supply and demand’.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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