Can we do this differently? My interest actually centers in why your are so invested in a march toward socialism.

I will assume here you mean my preference for social democracy over laissez-faire liberal democracy. I don’t view my proposals as a path to what could meaningfully be called ‘socialism’.

Basically, because capitalism’s contradictions are too volatile and too harmful to be left alone. Further, capitalism won’t be left alone by those at the economic pinnacle anyway. The super-wealthy will always use the state to further their economic and political aims at the expense of everyone else. This is why as wealth inequality increases, democracy erodes. There is actually a growing body of research that suggests public opinion has virtually no impact on policy. Policy is decided by wealthy elites. Capitalism, by its nature, leads to capital accumulation at the very top. And capital is equivalent to political power. So it’s no surprise that policy is increasingly determined by an elite few.

The purpose of social democracy, for me, is to moderate the effects of capitalist crisis and provide some sort of stabilizing force for those on the bottom rungs. This has proven effective in the developed world. However, it generally does not do much to address the deterioration of democracy as wealth (and therefore political) inequality continues to expand. Other social goals like the fight against climate change can only be won through collective action. Private corporate interests will happily bring us past the point of no return so long as their pockets are lined.

capitalism is the driver in all political systems whether it be Facist, Communist, Capitalist, etc. The only distinction is who controls the capital, and who benefits.

I strongly disagree with this. Capitalism is a relatively recent development in World history. Feudalism is not capitalism. None of the social orders predating feudalism are capitalism. You can find some examples of capitalism-like arrangements in history, but they do not qualify as the capitalism as understood by Smith, Ricardo and Marx. Capitalism refers to a specific relation of the worker to capital and his means of social reproduction. For Marx, this involved alienation of the worker from both his livelihood and community.

My ‘ideal’ politics is anarcho-communist, or libertarian socialist. One of the few examples from history you can find of this sort of society was revolutionary Catalonia, as described by Orwell in Homage to Catalonia. Orwell was essentially a libertarian socialist himself. The anarchist communes were prosperous until they were crushed by Franco in conjunction with Stalin. The closest/largest example today is probably Rojava in Syria.

Obviously, a FJG or Medicare for All is nothing like that. These are patches that mitigate the worst effects of a political/economic system that would otherwise leave large numbers of people to starve or die of curable disease.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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