I read broadly, including the international press. I actually have a physical subscription to The Economist because they had a pretty good deal recently. And yes, there are significant differences in news coverage between the US media and journals abroad. Typically I’ve found the international press does a better job covering US foreign policy than the US media does itself. That does not mean that foreign journals are immune to some of the same forces that so tightly constrain the narrative in the US. Many of those outlets still have to tailor coverage to appeal to corporate advertisers, make hiring decisions based on the interests of their owners, must pander to the State in order to preserve access to sources, etc.

Furthermore, the article in question is discussing the US mass media. That means cable news, the WSJ, NYT, the Post, etc. The range of opinions presented in these publications is exceedingly narrow, and for good reason. You should know this too if you in fact do read the international press as you suggest I ought. It’s not a conspiracy theory to notice the broader interests at play and the effect they have on how information is filtered through the media.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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