I do not think I ‘invented’ the progressive agenda. In fact, my proposals are modest compared to the workers’ movements and socialist organizers in the early part of the 20th century. However I do have convictions on policy, and I will vote (or not vote) in such a way to maximize the chances those policies aims are realized.

All of the serious flaws Joe Biden is now exhibiting were obvious to anyone (especially young voters) not stuck in the MSM bubble. The cognitive decline, vulnerability on trade, proclivity for gaffes, and so on. Nobody is excited to vote for Joe Biden (huge enthusiasm gap between him and Trump). The main things he has going for him are 1) coronavirus and 2) he is not Trump. His support is almost entirely ‘default’ support that shifted to him after nervous primary shifted to him after having it beaten it into their heads over and over by the media that Biden is electable and Bernie is un-electable. Unlike Republican voters, Dem primary voters simply do not have the courage to vote their convictions in a primary. All of the exit polling showed majority support for Bernie’s major policy proposals that was outweighed by Biden’s perceived electability.

I think that dismissing Joe Biden as a “corporate candidate” is likely youthful folly, just as trashing Hillary for that supposed sin was a disaster for the nation. This country would be light years ahead of where it is now had more Democratic and independent voters been able to see clearly, had they not bought Russian, Rush-ian and Koch bros. propaganda about her.

Like the vast majority of Bernie supporters, I held my nose and voted for Clinton in 2016 despite her litany of flaws because Trump was unacceptable. In doing so, progressives like me ceded all of our influence. Why should the party adopt any of our policies if we are going to vote blue no matter who anyway? After all, we have nowhere to go.

This time, things are different. Joe Biden shares none of my policy objectives and is likely to continue doing what he has done his entire political career, which is pivot right to appease reactionaries while sacrificing any semblance of a progressive agenda. Why should I sacrifice my leverage (again) for a candidate who does not represent anything remotely near my views and is likely to shed congressional and state seats for the next 4 years, as always happens to the incumbent party? 8 years of Obama’s presidency were absolutely devastating to the party’s infrastructure and set up Trump in a powerful position to take advantage. Why waste political capital on a corporate Democrat who is not going to take the necessary steps in addressing healthcare, foreign policy, and especially climate change that are absolutely essential to the survival of our species? Better to wait and try again in 4 years.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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