I disagree with several things you’ve said here but I’ll focus my response on proposals:

  1. Eliminate the payroll tax (or at least a tax holiday). It’s a terrible and regressive tax.
  2. Medicare For All and Green new deal style legislation
  3. Federal job guarantee program
  4. Allow the Fed to overdraft the Treasury General Account (TGA) and stop the sale of treasury securities as a means of debt financing

My actual ‘ideal’ politics would be some form of libertarian socialism where workers have real democracy in the workplace and control over the means of social and economic reproduction. In that sense, my proposals above are ‘modest’ as they leave capitalism intact and don’t fundamentally challenge the legal structures that uphold it.

These proposals would also have to be rolled out at intervals with eye for inflation. For example, it’s not clear whether Medicare for All would be an inflationary or deflationary event because on the one hand it eliminates an entire industry causing unemployment and decreased private spending (deflationary), but also eliminates premiums and increases deficit spending (inflationary). So doing all these things at once would have totally unpredictable effects and runaway inflation would be a real risk. A more measured approach would allow certain taxes to be levied or eliminated over time depending on inflation.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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