You just make up whatever lies you want. Check out his website or his speeches.

He does not support Medicare for All or an effective Green New Deal. Both of these are policy necessities. He has even indicated that he would likely not sign an M4A bill even if it were sitting on his desk. This is unacceptable.

“A Joe Biden presidency will cost Democrats seats on the national and state level”

Another complete fabrication. Again, you just make up whatever you want. You’re no different from Mr. Trump in that regard.

This is not a ‘fabrication’. The incumbent party almost always loses seats. Obama lost the House and Senate in addition to thousands of seats nationwide.

You know nothing about Mr. Biden. He has said many times that he will serve only four years. That means that his vice president will have a strong shot at the presidency. We know only that he’ll pick a woman for that slot, but if he picks Ms. Warren, he’ll be setting up a strong progressive for the Presidency. Of course, you’ll make up some new lies to dismiss Ms. Warren.

I do not trust Warren after what she did to Bernie. Even after she dropped out, she still had a chance to endorse the one candidate pushing the policies she purportedly cared about. She failed to do that.

Further, if Joe Biden wins with full support from the Left, why would the establishment push a progressive? Joe Biden was elected almost solely on name recognition and perceived electability. If the Left wants to have any kind of voice in this country we have to be willing to stand up for our values. Joe Biden is not electable in part because people like me will not vote for him. If you care about beating Trump, you needed to nominate a progressive.

If Mr. Trump wins, it WILL be the last presidential election ever.

This is just hyperbole.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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