These ideologies are causing more real-world harm than some random dudes on 4chan talking about ethnostates.

Except we’ve had a spate of white nationalist violence, including the most recent New Zealand killer who is a product of exactly this culture. To my knowledge, Antifa haven’t killed anyone. Further, Facebook, Twitter, Google etc have embarked on a massive censorship campaign of left-wing groups. It’s not just ‘conservative censorship’.

Calling him a ‘reactionary’ and attempting to discredit him as a person doesn’t make that any less of a reality.

Except he is objectively reactionary. He justifies socially constructed hierarchies by naturalizing them, and frequently suggests we should return to a prior social order. That’s the definition of reactionary.

Why does nobody talk about child drag queens being portrayed as something great in shows like GMA? It comes from a very similar place as pedophiles trying to make themselves part of the LGBT.

I’m not sure what kids doing drag has to do with pedophilia. That’s way out of left field. If they are being coerced into doing drag, then yeah that’s bad. If it’s something they themselves want to do then who cares.

It’s beyond obvious that you don’t like Peterson and that ideologies like the redpill seem inherently harmful to you. You hold more progressive views, so you think reactionaries are inherently bad. You have your views, and that’s fine. However, when you focus on only one group (alt-righters) and ignore everything other harmful ideology in the world then it becomes a one-sided agenda.

Yes, that’s what it means to have political beliefs. Those forms of right-wing political ideology manifest as real material harm when put into practice. I am therefore opposed to them and their proliferation. I am not for censorship, but I am criticizing Rogan for platforming them irresponsibly.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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