Bernie Sanders is not my ‘hero’. Also, the crux of my argument is not an accelerationist one.

  1. Joe Biden will not pass any of the legislation that is necessary to significantly address either the healthcare or climate crisis
  2. A Joe Biden presidency will cost Democrats seats on the national and state level

So, if Joe Biden wins, the best case scenario is 8 years of neoliberal policies; the latter 4 of which will likely be a lame-duck period anyway due to republican obstructionism. Worst case scenario is 4 years of neoliberal policies followed by whatever Hell the right-wing conjures up to replace him.

If this were the last presidential election ever, I’d vote Biden without a second thought. But based on all available evidence, the best chance at enacting the policies that MUST be enacted is voting blue down the ballot and trying for the White House again in 4 years.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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