Bernie has been a consistent progressive activist for DECADES and is the single most responsible person for the leftward shift of the Democratic Party. And you would still support a reactionary federal prosecutor over him in the primary because of her identity?

Universal “access” or whatever sham corporate Dems are selling now will lead us down a road we’ve already been on. Obamacare failed because it fundamentally left the insurance industry intact and was therefore easily eroded. Medicare for all is the only viable alternative available to us now short of a full healthcare nationalization.

Bernie is a once in a lifetime chance for real progressive change. No other candidate is even close in terms of a progressive domestic/foreign policy (except maybe Gabbard), and no other candidate is able to garner so much grassroots enthusiasm, as is obvious after his recent announcement. He is our best chance against Trump because he offers a REAL alternative to mainstream politics rather than the wishy-washy technocratic incrementalism of your typical corporate democrat.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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