Another here that looks more specifically at racial attitudes and vote switching. If you’re looking for examples of Trump saying “I hate minorities”, you’re not going to find it. That’s the point. None of it is communicated communicated overtly because it can’t be (yet). It’s all insinuation and subtext.

Take his response to the Charlottesville marches as case in point. He condemns ‘hate’ universally and then equivocates by saying there are good people on both sides and what about the alt-left. To his white nationalist supporters, that’s Trump giving himself cover in the media by condemning hate but also giving them a nod and wink by equivocating. I’m not saying all Trump supporters are white nationalists, I’m just saying this is how he operates. Take also his reluctance to denounce David Duke and Steve King.

In addition to the empirical research above, I am just far too familiar with the online Right to be convinced otherwise. YouTube channels and online forums openly peddling white nationalism and racial angst have millions and millions of followers, and they see Trump as their champion. Whether or not you think he’s appealing to them, THEY think he is and I think they’re clearly right.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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