Actually, you started off by calling me a “Bernie bro” as a pejorative so great self-defeating attempt to take the moral high ground.

No that’s not the only ‘salient’ face about kamala harris. She also:

  1. Declined to prosecute Steve Mnuchin while taking donations from Goldman Sachs
  2. Opposed lowering the prison population by arguing the state needed the prison labor (WTF)
  3. Was a hardliner on marijuana prosecution, destroying the lives of thousands of people (disproportionately POC). Then had the fucking gall to go on the breakfast club and claim she obviously smoked pot in college because she’s part Jamaican
  4. Has partially walked back her support for Medicare for all

She’s a fucking shrewd neoliberal opportunist and I pity anyone who can’t see that.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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