Translation — “I believe in right wing lies and bull, but I’m not honest enough to call myself a right winger”.

Absolutely absurd. His cognitive decline has been reported by progressive outlets for over a year. I support universal healthcare so I’m a right winger? A Green New Deal? Workplace democracy? LGBTQ rights? Palestinian rights? I could go on.

Yes, I have heard both Sen. Sanders and VP Biden speak recently. Biden has a rep for being gaffe prone, but that’s hardly “senile”. I have a friend who is quite eloquent — and also has early onset dementia. And Biden is a year younger that Sen. Sanders.

In recent interviews he can hardly speak without tripping over himself. He’s literally reading off of notes and still failing to speak clearly. It’s actually awful.

Sen. Sanders doesn’t seem to have a problem supporting someone he considers a good friend. I’ll take his lead on this. If you’re not, then why on earth are you claiming to be a Sanders supporter??

I was a supporter of Sanders’ candidacy and the ideas he advocated. None of us are Sanders supporters in the sense that we “support” the man Bernie Sanders himself. I disagree with his decision to endorse Joe Biden and view it at the very least as a strategic failure.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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