A thousand people living rich lives can come to a thousand different politics conclusions. There’s a reason why organized DATA is privileged over mere anecdote. Again, you demanded facts and data of ME, which I have provided, and you repeatedly neglect to do this yourself. Your argument boils down to “I’m older and I’ve done a lot of stuff so my opinions are de facto more valid”. That’s a weird combination of standpoint epistemology and an appeal to authority (yourself, at that) which as you know is a logical fallacy. It’s certainly no grounds for a rational argument.

I’ve explained to you about 3 times now that Venezuela is not “socialist” in any meaningful sense. Please tell me how an economy with a private sector that GREW from 65% to 71% under Chavez is socialist. That’s a larger private sector than other modern capitalist economies like France. About 17% of Venezuelans are public sector employees. For reference, about 14% of Americans are in the public sector. You are just throwing around the word socialism without 1. Understanding what socialism is or 2. Even bothering to investigate your own claims. I assume you will respond with some absurd appeal to personal authority or anecdote. If so, don’t waste my time.

Corporate accountant and former auditor with degrees in philosophy and accounting.

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